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Family Practice with integrated Preventive Medicine approach

According to the college of family physicians of Canada. Family physicians use their understanding of human development, family and other social systems to develop a comprehensive approach to the management of disease and illness in patients and their families.

Family physicians try to appreciate their patients’ illness experience (patients ideas about their illness, their feelings, expectations and of the impact of illness on patients’ lives) when deciding management plan.

Family physicians are also adept at working with patients to reach common ground on the definition of problems, goals of treatment, and roles of physician and patient in management. They are skilled at providing information to patients in a manner that respects their autonomy and empowers them to “take charge” of their own health care and make decisions in their best interests.

Family physicians have expert knowledge of the wide range of common problems of patients in the community, and of less common but life-threatening and treatable emergencies in patients of all ages.