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Prenatal & Postnatal Care

This is usually a period filled with mixed feelings for most women. Our physicians will schedule your prenatal visits as below:

  • Monthly prenatal visit until you are 28 weeks.

  • Two weekly from Weeks 28 to 36.

  • Weekly from Weeks 36 to 40.

For all pregnancies, our physicians will take personal and family history, perform physical examinations and perform a risk assessment with a goal of identifying patients that need early specialist care or co-management.

We recommend screening test in all patients early in pregnancy.

We recommend folic acid to start 3 months before a planned pregnancy or immediately pregnancy is confirmed.

We recommend ZERO alcohol immediately pregnancy is confirmed.

We recommend influenza vaccine during the influenza season.

We recommend prenatal vitamins during pregnancy.

We recommend 150 minutes of exercise per week spread over 3-5 days.

We recommend Tdap during each pregnancy between weeks 27 to 32 days.

We recommend blood group screening in all women with negative Rh blood group to determine who needs Rhogam at 28 to 29 weeks

We recommend diabetes screen (OGCT) for all pregnant women not known to have diabetes prior to pregnancy at 24-28 weeks. 


We generally recommend an office visit 4 weeks postpartum. 

Patients will be screened for postpartum mood disturbances, breastfeeding issues and/or contraception initiation.

A Pap may be completed at six to eight weeks’ postpartum if indicated.

Patients with pregnancies complicated by hypertensive or diabetes stand a higher chance of developing this disease, so our physician may screen you more frequently for these.